About us


Eagle Track Zipline is a community-based tourism operator. Our zipline ECO adventure is operated in a co-operative menner with the ethno-ecoagricultural livelihood eonservation group in Bann Wang Hang, Maeram.

Tumbol Maeram in th maerim district, is the location for our zipline adventure, which is less than one hours drive from Chiang Mai's city center. Near to our base camp, you can see the Maeram river became Wanghang fall and Tad Mok fall there you can visit both of them. Inarea of our base camp nearby paddy fields being farmed with crops of rice, soy beans and egg plants being grown or harvested.

Three villages are situated close-by, one near the base camp, another is up the hillside to our gold package and bronze package sting point. The local villager have invited to be our staffs and they gave got full training to be a contluctor, mean while if you be there you will get the best takking care and the best service from them, meantime Eagle Track Zipline is support and goodcare of local villager. to share theme a good job also mean all of our clients are support local villager. The region has been grown popies, that mean before people were grown popies to havested an opium but now the region are change to trown rice, egg plants, soy beans ect., also Eagle Track Zipline is offer the job for villager but the best project is The Royal Project.

about us
The Nong Hoi Royal Project Development Center Nong Hoi Village in Chiang Mail was established in 1942 by people from the Hmong ethic group. The main crops there were opium poppy, maize and rice. In 1972, His Majesty the king visited the village and recommended alternative agriculture. The Nong Hoi Royal Project Development Center was established in 1986. Today, it is one of the largest producers of vegetables for the Royal Project marketing division, as well as a research center for herb and vegetable production. The former hill tribe poppy farmers are now employed by the Royal Project, and have turned if into a new agro-tourism and eco-tourism site. There is also an anti-drugs group for teenagers that provides recreation, sport and jobs, a housewives' group to produce handicrafts, a school providing education up to Grade 6 and a public primary health service. Visitors can experience the lifestyles, festivals and traditional ceremonies of the Hmong, Yao, Lisu, Haw(Chinese)tribes. In addition to vegetables and herbs, the project also has plantations of plums, grapes, strawberries and cab gooseberries as well as herbs such as rosemary, mint, lemon balm and chamomile. It is also famous for its hydroponic vegetable such as red oak leaves, Doi Kham tomatoes and vegetables for salad.
We are also monitoring the hillside area to make sure that the earth banks and the paths around the villages are not eroded or damaged by the increased foot-traffic from our travelers. Eagle Track Zipline provides sustained employment, lodgings for local staff near the base camp, as well as all meals for our local Hmong & Karen hill trbe people involved in zipline operations. We are pleased to be able to support the local people with improved employment opportunities within the communities that they love so much. Please give them opportunities to work and taken care all of you and thanks all fo you. Eagle Track Zipline for your exiting adventure tour.


1. Cable 1 It is used for main pulley with "PETZL EXPLRESS" Sling 25 cm. It is the first lock you to cable.

2. Cable 2 It is user for second pulley "PETZL TANDAM SPEED" pulley the second lock you with second cable it is covenience for to fly with 2 cable 2 pulley so you are not spin before you reach platforms.

3. Safety Zipline Pulley 1 It is "PETZL-TRAC PLUS" pulley, it is lock you with harness and hang to first cable.

4. Safety Zipline Pulley 2 IT is "PETZL-TANDER SPEED" it is second pulley lock you "PETZL-JANE lanyard" hang you with second cable to keep you smooth fly and your body are not spn.

5. Safety Rope Lanyard It is chain you to harness then lock with second cable and second pulley fore double safe there fore your body are not spin.

6. Triact-lock Carabiner Is joint equipment to each other such joint harness to pulley, ect.

7. Safety Harness Is swaddle your body for your safety then it with joint to "PETZE-EXPRESS" sling and joint to "PETZE-JANE lanyard the lock to both pulley and cable for you to thril then.

8. Safety Helmet Is safe your head no knock to cable, brauch of the tree, platform ect. That is mean you head are safe from many things.